Print this page so you can read it as you do it.

To install the hook for use on our server you need to bind the "hook" and hookup" commands to a key. It will allow you to grapple any borders in the game and allow you to swing like spiderman do the following.

If you have UT GOTY Edition with the second CD installed, just start the game, hit the esc key, click Mod and then ChaosUT Config from here just keybind the Hook and Turret weapons to keys.

If you do not have GOTY Edition of UT do the following:

Start UT, then when you are playing press the Tilde Key, it is the one under the esc key with the ~ on it.

A black window will open, in the white part at the bottom, type this word, preferences

When the next window opens, click the + sign beside advanced, then again beside Raw Key Bindings.

Find a letter you are not using that will be handy to control with, a lot of us use x.

And on the right hand side, type this word, hook

Now find another letter that's not used, and enter hookup

Thats it, go back in the game and click the x key once to hook, and again to unhook. Use movement keys to swing. As you hang around, the it slowly gets longer, use the hookup command to pull you back up.

Note: You can also edit the user.ini if you prefer.