[TiC] UT99 server Overview ( (New IP as of AUG 2017)
[TiC]TS3 server: ts.thrivinginchaos.net

Basic Description:

Yes, it's an Unreal Tournament 99 server in 2018.  Most of us run Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition of UT99 as we use some of the GOTY weapons.

The style is basically freestyle.  Meaning to play any way you like.  It's a low gravity fast moving server with some powerful weapons.   Most of the maps are Death Match (over 500 of them), but we have another 300+ Jail Break, Domination, and Capture the Flag maps available with the MapVote.  Below are brief descriptions of just about everything, plus lists of all the maps on the server.

Game Types:

There are 4 Mods that we play.  3 team Mods, and Deathmatch.

Death Match: The basic kind of game, so I don't think it needs a description.  30 frags wins.

Capture the Flag: A well known team game.  Capture the other team's flag, and return it to your flag.  5 captures wins the game.

Domination: Not as well known as the above Mods.  In this team game you try to keep control points your team color.  There are normally 3 or 4 control points. The longer you keep them your color, the more points your team gets.  250 points wins.

Jailbreak The least well known team Mod we play.  In this mod, if you die, you go to jail.  To get released someone on your team has to hit the release switch.  There is an arrow in your HUD to direct you to the switch.  Every once in a while if there is at least 1 person in both jails, an arena battle will happen.  The winner of the battle goes free. Your team is captured when everyone is in jail.  5 captures wins. 


This is the important part, since we have some fun ones.  Most of our maps have all the weapons.  But we have some maps that only have the <lol> sniper rifle. 

Sniper rifle: You spawn with this and 50 rounds. Like the original one, but it shoots faster.  Makes a fair amount of noise, and people can see the flash and shells.  Shares ammo with the Bin Slayer rifle.  This one doesn't spawn in any maps.


Ammo pickup: 10

Max ammo:  50

<lol>Sniper rifle: This is a fast firing rifle that is silenced, but people can still hear it when  close by.  It's very hard for people to see where the shots are coming from.


Weapon pickup: 250

Ammo pickup: 100

Max ammo:  250

Bin Slayer rifle: This one packs a punch with a lot of splash damage.  Easy to to spot the source.  Shares ammo with the standard sniper rifle.


Weapon pickup: 8

Ammo pickup: 10

Max ammo:  50

Titan: We call this the flamer due to the secondary fire. The flame can go around corners, and through walls, floors, and ceilings.  Primary fire shoots 7 rockets.


Weapon pickup: 11

Ammo pickup: 12

Max ammo:  48

HK G11 rifle: Weak weapon, but better than nothing.


Weapon pickup: 100

Ammo pickup: 100

Max ammo:  100

Mac10: Better than the HK, but still weak.  Fast firing rate, and a good amount of ammo.  Makes a fair bit of noise, and is fairly easy to see where the fire is coming from.


Weapon pickup: 100

Ammo pickup: 400

Max ammo:  400

Rebel Mac: One mean little gun, get it if you can! Very fast firing rate, and lots of ammo. Makes a lot of noise, but not very easy to spot the source.


Weapon pickup: 200

Ammo pickup: 800

Max ammo:  800

Avenger: You've seen the redeemer, now meet the big brother! This one is a nuke gun. Secondary fire makes the missile blow up before it hits something.


Weapon pickup: 3

Ammo pickup: 7 

Max ammo:  14

Turret: A GOTY weapon. The pickup location cycles between this and the Gravity Ball.  Launch it in an area with enough room, and you get an automated turret that shoots at people. Shoots energy balls or rockets, switch with the command 'turretchangeweapon'.


Ammo pickup: 1

Max ammo:  10

Gravity Ball: A GOTY weapon. The pickup location cycles between this and the Turret. Throw it and run! Everything near it gets sucked in.


Ammo pickup: 1

Max ammo:  1

Energy ball turret

Rocket turret

Turret next to Gravity Ball

Other items:

Teleporter: You spawn with one of these.  Use it, use it often.  It helps you get around faster. You can also telefrag with it.

Grappling Hook: A GOTY item.  It's not an inventory item, so you can use it while shooting.  You can use it to hang around. You need to bind the commands 'hook' and 'hookup' for it to work.  Instructions are here.


Below are lists of the maps we use.   I can't host the actual files, since there are around 8 Gigs.

Deathmatch Maps

CTF Maps

Domination Maps

Jailbreak Maps

Server Setttings:

Want to play the maps with the weapons without getting killed so much?  The following instructions will let you (mostly) set up your system so you can play a practice session with the weapons.  Even if you don't, you should run CacheCleaner at least every 30 days to keep the files on your system.

You will need to do a few simple things before you can begin.

  1. Play the server so that the weapons are downloaded

  2. Run Cachcleaner so that the files are written into your system.

  3. Install StuffSwapper

  4. Setup StuffSwapper as below, and according to the picture.

Setting up Stuffswapper is covered in a post by Colonel Angus on the <lol> forums.  The basics of that is run StuffImporter.exe, and add the following mods with Import->Import from mod.  The mods are ApplesRebelMac.u, BinSlayer.u, G11_Assault.u, GhandiWeapons.u, GhandiWeapsPA.u, lolSniperRifle2.u, and PunkysFlightRing.u.  Then run UT, and go to StuffSwapper in the mods menu and setup as per the jpg.

Then you will have to set the airspeed to 55% and the gamespeed to 155%.  Add mutators for  low gravity, StuffSwapper, and ChaosUT.  Oh oh, you don't have ChaosUT?  Remember above I said most of us run the GOTY version of UT?  Well, it includes ChaosUT, which is what gives the server the grapple hook, gravity ball, and turrets. Your best bet is to buy, beg, borrow or steal a GOTY edition (it's on the 2nd CD).  If you install any old version of ChaosUT, you'll get a version mismatch when you play on the <lol> server. Or, you can install the ChaosUT umod.

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